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Music Mondays: Big Bang

I am not ashamed to admit that I love K-Pop. If you saw last week’s post about my obsession with a certain entertainment company, you wouldn’t be surprised that my favorite group would be Big Bang. I love their music, swag, live performances and confidence. 

I have been blessed to have a chance to watch two of Big Bang’s concerts in Manila and both were amazing experiences. I might have been seated away from them but it was still electric. Live performances really make or break any group for me.

For today’s Music Monday, I’ll be sharing my top five favorite live performances by Big Bang! I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I do!

Last Dance + FXXK IT + Bang Bang Bang at SBS Gayodaejun 2016

This performance is iconic because it is their last performance as a group before they start enlisting. It is one of the saddest performances for me bacuse I know that it’ll be a long time before I see them together again. T_T

Loser + Bae Bae + Bang Bang Bang at Mama 2015

I honestly cannot believe their energy. This performance is just for an awards show but you can totally sense their stage prescence. They owned it and acted like it was their concert. I love it!

Love Song  at SBS Inkigayo 

Okay, this really isn’t a live performance but I guess it can count as one. It is pre-recorded but I still wanted to include because it nicely showcases their individual songs. Also because this performance means a lot to me since this opened the gates to KPop for me.

Eyes, Nose, Lips at Fantastic Duo

I love this solo performance of Taeyang with a fan at Fantastic Duo. He perfectly sang his part but also made sure that his partner shone as well. For me, this performance displays how he has grown as an artist – from wanting the spotlight to learning how to share it.

Oh Yeah at 2NE1’s Nolza Concert

I am a TOP stan. I love him. I had to include this because I love the cute interactions between GD, TOP and Bom. I miss them so much (Bom and TOP) and wish they can overcome the challenges they’re facing and come back stronger. Until then, I can only watch on Youtube. T_T

If you watched any of the videos, what do you think of their performance? Do you think I’m crazy or I have a point when I say they’re really good? LOL. Truth is, I don’t care what you think, lol. I’m into deep with KPop and I have no plans of stopping. I love Big Bang. T_T





  1. I agree, Big Bang is amazing. For the last whatever months I’ve had Fxxk It on repeat. Also been listening to GD’s new album. 🙂

    • Everything they put out is amazing and it also caters well for international fans! They’re really creative musically, especially GD! 🙂

  2. OMG I love Big Bang! Been a V.I.P since Last Farewell <3 GD's new album is on repeat right now. Always happy to meet fellow KPOP-lovers!

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