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On Wednesdays, we get personal

Hey, guys! I thought I’d just drop by and take a break from scheduling my beauty, books, and k-related posts and get a little personal. 

First, a quick update. Life is good. Marriage planning is good and expensive. We’re almost done! I just scheduled a trial with my make-up artist on the 3rd of October to see if she’s the one. I hope she is the one because the price is right and of course, I like her work. Most of the work she’s posted online are leaning towards the natural look. I like this very much since we’re getting married in the morning and there’s no need for smoky or sultry eyes. I just want flawless looking skin and tamed hair. I really hope she’s the one.

We’ve also just finished buying the dresses for the entourage, picked the fabric and color for our mother’s gowns, finalized talks with our florist, and realized we might need to hire an event stylist. So, I guess we’re really not yet done. Instead, we’re slowly realizing the missing pieces of this big, fat, expensive wedding.

I sound like a negative bride, lol. I’m not, I promise.

I am very excited for this wedding. It’s just that I wish my boyfriend and I would have talked a few more times before booking any suppliers. I wish we looked and considered everything before getting pressured by suppliers telling us that we have to book ASAP! I wish we aren’t going to spend a majority of our savings on a single event. I’ve already come to terms with what we’re doing. I’ve already accepted it. I just want it to be over because I can’t wait to start a new part of my life with him. 

Second, a blog update. I’ll be truthful. I want this site to earn money. That’s why I joined Nuffnang and tried affiliate marketing with StyleKorean. Unfortunately, so far I’ve earned nothing. Guys, why aren’t you helping me???  I’ve really stuck with my plan of increasing traffic by commenting on other people’s blogs and hoping that somehow they go back to my blog. I don’t know if it’s working because lately, my stats are just steady. It’s neither increasing nor decreasing. The views are just there. I guess I should still be thankful but I want to push myself and this blog to see just how far it can go. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not begging you to view my blog regularly nor am I pleading with you to use my affiliate links or click on some ads. I just decided to really work hard and try to monetize this site. It’s a 2017 Blog Goal and with less than a 100 days until 2018, I’m going HAM.

I’ve also come up with a concrete blogging schedule. Expect a post only on weekdays, when most people are online. Two of those could be about anything (beauty, K-related, books, etc) while the other one will be a bit personal (maybe a let’s have coffee post or a personal update like this). I decided to only post on weekdays because I have this personal rule of no computers during the weekends. I spend so much time in front of this thing I need to go out and live more during the weekends (you should too).

With all that said, I’d like to ask your help! I’d really appreciate any sort of feedback. I’d like to know what aspect of my blog or writing could need some improvement or what your favorite posts are. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! You can comment on this post or reach out through my Contact Me page. 

Lastly, an overall assessment of my mental state. These days, I just want to get married and move out of our house. Since my dad died, things have changed a lot and I don’t like how it’s changing. I’d like to say much of these feelings are caused by my mom. I love her, I really do which is why I won’t elaborate any further. I just wish she finds it within her to be stronger. I firmly believe He took my dad away from us to strengthen us. He wouldn’t take him away just for fun. There’s got to be a bigger picture.


  1. I am so excited for your wedding! 🙂 what I’m excited is for the video! I love watching wedding videos. By the way, will you hire a videographer for same day edit?

    I really don’t have negative comments to say for your blog. I’m actually satisfied.

    Regarding your mom, I really think she’s having a hard time to move on and you just got to understand her. Though sometimes, she needs to consider the people around her. Focus on the positive, right? In my case, the situation is the other way around but the way she acts is like yours. My dad finally here but never heard anything else but arguments about money, peesh.

    • Unjeee!!! Di na kami kumuha ng SDE kasi mas mahal. Meron kami yung video lang mismo haha! Tagtipid kami ng slight eh.

      I know she’s having a hard time that’s why we’re cutting her some slack but it’s hard. It gets difficult especially since she doesn’t communicate with us very well. She chooses to disclose her true feelings in other people and then we’re left in the dark. 🙁 It’s hard but I know we have to understand her. Moms are wired like that, I guess. Hahaha! They’re crazy but we love them.

      • She might have continuous depression 🙁 labas labas siya kamo with her amigas, mag Titas of Manila time muna siya.

        • Nako ayaw niya! Kasi di daw siya marunong magcommute… Ayaw niya din kasi mag try or magcompromise. :'( Idk. Honestly, I’m confused na din kaya pinapabayaan nlng namin siya….

  2. I love your blog, ate. I always check it! I’ve been meaning to ask your theme. LOL I also love the font! I changed mine already and I think I’m going to stick with this now. I removed my header image to be “minimal”. You inspired me in that. :)) Though, it would be nice to also monetize (I have WordAds and Ko-Fi but meh hahaha), it isn’t my goal yet. But yeah, it would be really nice to see how far this blogging of us could go. You’ll get there! We’ll get there!

    Good luck on your wedding! I’m stoked! I’d like to hear the vows! That’s always my favorite part of weddings

    About your mum, I don’t know how it feels like to lose a family (like really gone gone coz my father only left the house but he’s still there when we want to see him), but I think it’d take her so much to move on since after you get married and also your brother if he’s out of the house, it’d just be her? I don’t know how to cope with that :(( I wish she finds the strength, too.

    • Thank you Vienna!!! Kinikilig ako ng slight <3

      My theme is Zuki from Elmastudio. It's so nice and white. I always try to change my theme but I always come back to this. 🙂 I saw your theme and it looks good. I like this one more than the old one. Do you earn through WordAds? I'm not that focused on the moneyyyyzzz but it's my curiosity that makes me want to see just how much money can blogging really rake in. People do this for a living even if their content is shit!

      Anyway haha, the church where we'll have our wedding doesn't allow personal vows. I don't mind that much cause I might ugly cry when I hear his or read mine!!

      I just wish she finds the strength to stand up again. I know it isn't easy but she has to. I worry for her when I leave, that's what's causing most of this feelings....

      • Meron akong gustong gustong theme pero for installation siya I need to go Business for that so nvm na lang muna. Hahaha I’m happy with my theme now. Thanks po. Hihi I don’t earn from WordAds yet. It doesn’t have that much. They will only pay you when you reach $100 worth of clicks. I hope we can do this for a living too one day. I jsut want to WRITE.

        Aww. It’d be nice to be a crying mess sa weddings! HAHAHAHA Share us your photos tho!

        I genuinely hope she does.

        *hindi nagnonotify if you reply sa comment :((

        • Please notify me pag nanotify na kayo kasi JetPack kaasar. Hhahaha it’s tempting me to go back to

          I’ll share photos, I promise! I love reading your writing Vienna. Please don’t stop writing!! 🙂

  3. Kat, I’m here everyday whether you have a new post or not hahahaha.

    I like that you’d be more personal. I don’t know about other people’s preference pero ako, I look for a mix of content siguro? Yung halo-halo like yung ginagawa mo, that’s why I love your blog so much.
    May reviews (sobrang hirap na hirap ako sa reviews eh. Mga isang daan na yata ginawa ko but I never publish it kasi hindi talaga maganda yung nagagawa ko 🙁 ) tapos may maraming insights ka din and ang pinaka gusto ko yung kapag personal yung kwento. I just feel like parang ang genuine ng tao kapag ganon? I don’t want to name big time bloggers pero kilala mo naman siguro kasi mga sikat na sikat sila pero hindi ko navivisit kasi puro fashion, walang mga personal na ganap sa life.

    I hope your family stays strong especially your mom. 🙂 and also, excited ako sa wedding mo and sa mga future posts mo about married life and all that hahaha.

    • AILAAA!!! Every time I check my stats and then I see your everyday reads is a referrer, kinikilig ako. Para akong may legit follower. Nakakataba ng puso. THANK YOU!! <3

      I am trying to post more personal stuff kaya I am challenging myself to a personal post a week. I also want to try posting more pictures too...kaya lang shy talaga ako hahaha! We'll see. 🙂

  4. Hi Kat, andito lang kami palagi. Medyo hindi lang ata ganun kadali kumita through affiliate marketing. Natutuwa ako sa honesty mo (Guys, why aren’t you helping me? he he)

    Anyway, relax Kat, and we are excited about your wedding. Post ka ng photos ha, including you. Kahit naka side view lang hehe

  5. oh wait, given that you have a steady following you still don’t get anything from nuffnang? innocent question po yan hindi yan like ‘bakit ako ganito?’.

    • medyo umamagine ako ng wedding mo tapos bigla ko naisip iba pala si kat at si kate. hahaha. kaka anniv date post lang ni kate tapos papakasal na. lol.

  6. Kat, isa ka sa kakaunting blogs na binibisita ko straight from the URL bar hehe. At hindi ko alam if this matters to you pero kapag nag-rereply ka sa comments, hindi kami (or ako) nakakatanggap ng notification sa WordPress (i.e. wala ‘yung orange dot). Pero baka glitch lang ‘yun sa settings ko.

    Also, sinadya mo bang ganyan ang title ng post? Parang kulang o sobra sa salita, hindi ba? Or baka duling lang ako haha sorry. At sorry naka-Adblock pala ako. Simula ngayon i-disable ko na sa blog mo hehe! Kikita ka rin sa future for sure. 🙂

    Anyways, congrats in advance sa kasal! Gaya ng iba maghihintay din ako ng pictures, sana ‘yung may fez mo para masaya. 😀

    • Nako Jolens, di ko alam kung mababasa mo ‘tong reply ko huhu. Kausap ko na yung JetPack about this kasi nga pati ako nagtataka bakit ganun. Minsan gusto ko yung naguusap sa comments pero walang nagrereply sa akin kasi di sila nanonotify. Sana maayos nila!!

      LOL. Ngayon ko lang napansin, mali pala yung title hahaa!!! Wala pa din ata ads from Nuffnang eh – hindi ko alam pero okay lang if kikita or hindi, gusto ko lang din itry talaga! 😀

      Magppost ako soon, abangan ang big reveal!! Thank you sa pagbisita lagi sa simple kong blog. <3

  7. Gosh! I’ve missed a lot of your news. Congratulations, Kat! You are getting married!!! I hope u’re enjoying the planning! Exciting times! X.

  8. Ate Kaaaat! Same with Ate Jolens, ‘di rin ako nakakatanggap ng notifications kapag nagcocomment back ikaw.

    Tbh, wala rin ako masabi na negative sa blog mo kasi parang all-in-one na siya. Sabi mo nga no’n, ‘di ka na nagfofocus on one niche lang unlike before and ganun rin naman talaga nakikita namin. I may not comment often pero palagi ko binabasa mga posts mo Ate. Hehe

    I like how your always super honest with us. Minsan, dumarating rin ako sa point na gusto kong mag full time blogger nalang but I don’t know how people make legit money here aside from sponsorships, etc. and sobrang hiatus lang ako lately.

    Can’t wait for your wedding, Ate! Sana nga magpost ka na pictures. Hahaha

    • Inayos ko na yung issue and sabi ng WordPress ok na daw dapat. Nanotify ka ba dito sa comment ko na to? Huhu sana oo!!!

      Nabasa ko din yung posts mo and what’s your life like there. Girl, I’m praying for you! Stay positive ha. Isulat mo lang lahat tapos dapat positive na ulit. 🙂 Sana pagkakitaan natin tong mga blogging na to lol. Pag kumita ako sshare ko sainyo pano para lahat tayo maging rich LOL.

      Yessss, I’ll post pics! Magugulat na lang kayo charot! <3

      • Hindi ako na-notify and chineck ko talaga ‘tong post mo Ate kasi alam ko may reply ka.. Hahahaha.

        Yes, Ate. Thank you ha!! Laban lang tayo. Yakaaaap!

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