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BeautyMNL Review

I have been fighting temptation for the longest time but I finally gave in. I tried and purchased my first ever beauty package from BeautyMNL! Since I am already an existing Deal Grocer customer, I didn’t need to register anymore. I easily logged in to their site and started putting products into my cart. After weeks of deliberation, I finally pressed the checkout button. I ended up buying this Neogen Green Tea Facial Foam Cleanser. I also got some freebies since they were having a promo when I ordered. I had to pay an additional Php 50 for delivery since it didn’t reach Php 1500 for free shipping.



So extra!

After twenty-four hours, I got my package! What’s nice is I got an e-mail and a text message informing me that my package was already on my way. I opted to try their Cash on Delivery as payment. You can choose between paying via via credit card, bank deposit, or cash on delivery. One thing I had to note was if you opt to use a credit card, you’ll be redirected to PayPal. I didn’t like this since I don’t use PayPal often.

It came in a resealable plastic bag with no bubble wrap to protect the product. Good thing it was a local delivery else I’d think the package would get messed up. The transaction was also quick but you have to pay the exact amount since their riders will not carry change.

Overall, service was good and the transaction was fast! Would I recommend you to try their service? Honestly, it would depend on the product you want to buy and when you want to use it. Some of the products on their site are more expensive than StyleKorean and Althea. But if you need the product ASAP, BeautyMNL is the way to go.


  1. Sobrang nag-adik ako sa BeautyMNL dati, I ended up spending an accumulated amount of give or take 8k in a span of 2 months. Jusko muntik ko nang masampal sarili ko hahahaha

    • OMG @_@ Nakakaadik talaga ang online shopping. Guilty ako diyan sa Althea hahaha!!

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