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Who I Follow!

Odee, a friend, and fellow blogger asked me about my blogroll. Honestly, my blogroll is a mess! That’s because I follow about 600 blogs. I have this personal rule of following everyone who follows me. It’s a silly rule, I know, and it clutters my reader all the time BUT I still do it because doing so gives me a wide range of blogs to read and appreciate. I have chosen a few personal favorites from my blogroll to share with you today. Somehow, I was able to limit my selection to my top ten favorite blogs to read and get inspiration from. Here they are! Louise Ramos – Caffeine Rush I love this girl because of her art. If you go visit her website, you’ll be amazed by her graphics and the amount of creativity that she pours out into her every content. It is amazing and inspiring. Read: Art Lately: April Teesh – Adventures of Cupcake Girl This girl actually works for the same company that I do! I haven’t officially introduced myself …

My 2017 Book List

I’ve come across this Japanese term, tsundoku, which means buying books and not reading them; letting books pile up unread on shelves or floors or nightstands and I thought, that’s totally me. 

My 2016 Book Goals!

Look it’s a late 2016 Book Goals List! This has been sitting in my draft for such a long time I almost forgot about it and honestly I just wanted to hit the Trash button! I’m still posting this and hopefully give me my much-needed inspiration. * * * * * I knew I had a couple of unread books but I didn’t think that I had this much lying around. I’m not impressed with myself and this doesn’t go well with my current goal of becoming a minimalist. The goal is to read all of the books listed below and write a review. If I like the book, it’s staying with me. If not, I’m selling it. I will write the reasons why I bought these books and hopefully motivate me to start reading it. Going Postal – Terry Pratchett Mike bought this for me…two years ago. I’m not much of a fan of Terry Pratchett and I’ve only read one book of his. I’m not too keen on reading this. The Bourne Supremacy – …