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Music Mondays: Big Bang

I am not ashamed to admit that I love K-Pop. If you saw last week’s post about my obsession with a certain entertainment company, you wouldn’t be surprised that my favorite group would be Big Bang. I love their music, swag, live performances and confidence. 

Music Mondays: K-Daebak

I wanted to create another playlist of all my favorite non-YG songs but that proved to be rather difficult. I am such a YG stan that I have no idea what other Korean songs are out there! I did, however, get reminded of some of these gems that I’ll be sharing with you today.

Music Mondays: K-Daebak

I’ve been listening to K-Pop for a good five years now. I’ve always like K-Pop because of a couple of things. First, because I don’t understand a single thing they say. Second, they have the catchiest beats and lines. And lastly, their videos are works of art.

Music Mondays

  I heard this new track from Lady Gaga on my Uber on the way home. At first, I didn’t know it was her. It’s not her usual style…right? I was definitely pleasantly surprised! What have you guys been listening to lately? I’d love to know what kind of music has been on repeat for you!

Music Mondays – Jay Park

After I graduated college, I was supposed to take the board exams. I graduated during the first quarter of the year while the board exams were scheduled during the last. This gave me a whole year to prepare and just enjoy life at the same time! This gap year introduced me to K-Pop.