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Watson’s Hair Removal Cream/Wax Strips

Since I have an upcoming wedding, I have been trying to save money left and right. I am not buying new products until my old products are emptied. I am also looking for dupes or cheaper alternatives for my favorite products. I have come a long way and I am proud of myself. It might seem silly to be proud of this small feat but the extra money I save can be used for far better things. I am a hairy girl. To keep all my hair at bay, I use hair removal products religiously. My brand of choice is, and always will be, Veet. I decided to give the Watson’s hair removal cream and wax strips a try since it was cheaper by a few pesos. Upon using the Watson’s hair removal cream, the result frustrated me so much I wanted to cry. It didn’t remove any hair at all. I followed the instructions to the T but it just didn’t work! I don’t know if my leg hair was too long or I should’ve …

Life: A Photodump

Truth is, life has been pretty meh lately. I feel so stressed and it’s affecting everything…and I mean everything! I don’t have the motivation to even plan or schedule blog posts. All I want to do is lie down on my bed and let the day pass me by.