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Ten Reasons to be Happy | Vol. 2

I’ll be honest. This post was supposed to be up a couple of days ago. I resisted hitting the publish button because the things on the list weren’t really making me happy. The things on that list were half-assed attempts at trying to be happy. Today, November 17th, I feel better and legitimately happier. Here are ten reasons why! After being on bench since September, I already have a new project. I am quite worried about it but I am excited! I don’t have friends here yet but I’m an introvert by default so I expected that. Since I don’t have friends here yet, I was very worried about lunch lol. Who was I going to eat with? Good thing my friend got rolled into an early morning project as well! Now I don’t have to worry about lunch. I saw my boss crush! Hahahaha! Going to work every day has distracted me from all the drama at home. It’s not the right way to deal with family drama but things are quite complicated right …

Who I Follow!

Odee, a friend, and fellow blogger asked me about my blogroll. Honestly, my blogroll is a mess! That’s because I follow about 600 blogs. I have this personal rule of following everyone who follows me. It’s a silly rule, I know, and it clutters my reader all the time BUT I still do it because doing so gives me a wide range of blogs to read and appreciate. I have chosen a few personal favorites from my blogroll to share with you today. Somehow, I was able to limit my selection to my top ten favorite blogs to read and get inspiration from. Here they are! Louise Ramos – Caffeine Rush I love this girl because of her art. If you go visit her website, you’ll be amazed by her graphics and the amount of creativity that she pours out into her every content. It is amazing and inspiring. Read: Art Lately: April Teesh – Adventures of Cupcake Girl This girl actually works for the same company that I do! I haven’t officially introduced myself …

My 2017 Book List

I’ve come across this Japanese term, tsundoku, which means buying books and not reading them; letting books pile up unread on shelves or floors or nightstands and I thought, that’s totally me.