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Hear The Wind Sing/Pinball 1973 by Haruki Murakami

After reading about the unnamed narrator in A Wild Sheep Chase and Dance, Dance, Dance, I knew I had to get my hands on the novels that started it all. The mystery that enveloped his character was something I had to understand. And as much as A Wild Sheep Chase and Dance, Dance, Dance were two books that could stand on its own, I knew reading the rest of the series would blow my mind.

Going Postal

After years of owning this, I finally get to read it. This book was given to me by my boyfriend years ago (3 years ago to be exact) and I never really started reading it because I didn’t like Terry Pratchett’s writing style (at that time) and I didn’t understand Discworld. But after reading this particular one, I wanted to scour the bookstores to read more of his works, especially Discworld.