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Review: Beef Barn Eastwood

I wanted to try this restaurant out because of two things. First, because I LOVE beef and second, because it is the restaurant of Master Chef 3rd Place winner, Chef Yat. Ambience: The BF and I always eat dinner at around 10PM so the place is never crowded when we’re there. They have a barn feel going on complete with cow spots (?) as designs and a very ranch-y feel. Food/Drinks: What I love with this place is the simplicity of their menus. They only offer four basic sets but you can mix and match with their impressive sides. I ordered BB1 (roast beef + rice for 150php) while Mike ordered BB3 (smokey bacon + 2 side dishes). I am very thankful with the kind of partnership my boyfriend and I have. He knows I have a blog and review restaurants so what he does is he orders the complete opposite of what I order for us to try a lot of food without eating there a million times! Anyway, my roast beef was heaven! I love how …

Review: Buddy’s Pancit Lucban Eastwood

First let me tell you that Pancit Lucban is a Quezon province specialty. I have tasted the real deal before and it was superb. My expectations were high for this especially after hearing great reviews from my friends. Now, let me give you a visual feast that is Buddy’s.   Food wise, to be honest, it wasn’t all that great. 🙁 I didn’t like some food that they offered while I craved some others. Another thing I wanted to add was the fact that their menu is overwhelming!! I did not know where to start when I was ordering. I’d like to especially note is how visually amazing their whole restaurant looks like. Design is on point and I love how they incorporated Quezon province’s most famed festival, the Pahiyas Festival. Just look at how nice and colorful the restaurant looks! Adorable, isn’t it? I’d give this restaurant a safe four stars. Their food tastes good but somehow it lacks the certain oomph (?) factor that can potentially set it apart from the rest. It is …

Review: Din Tai Fung Philippines

I have been waiting for this since forever! Last week, Mike and I finally got the chance to try Din Tai Fung over at SM Megamall. We arrived at 1:30PM right after the rush of lunch goers but we still had to wait for twenty minutes before being shown inside. While waiting, you can already pre-order using the piece of paper they’ll hand over to you.

Review: Racks PH

If there was a restaurant that Mike and I truly adore, it would be Racks! We frequent this place so much if we ever end up getting married, I’d want to have their food served in our reception. We have eaten here countless times it’s no surprise why my phone is filled with mouth watering food from them. Ambience: Generally speaking Racks has a western vibe going on. At their branch in SM Mall of Asia, you can even see them grill the ribs to perfection. Food/Drinks: I won’t say much and just let the photos do the talking. Their food is so good I had to make my own version of their Garlic Scampi Pasta. Anything I say after proudly informing you that Racks is my favorite would sound very biased. Their food is amazing and very flavorful although some might find it a bit pricey. As a personal tip, I’d suggest you stay away from their chicken so you can really focus on their specialty, RIBS. Value/Overall Rating: As usual, if you properly plan …

Reviews: Tokyo Bubble Tea // Eastwood Eats

Tokyo Bubble Tea is one of those places I try to avoid because it is expensive. However, Mike and I gave in since I was craving for some Japanese food. Blame it on PMS. Ambience: The whole place is very light and inviting. It has a bright interior filled surrounded by glass. One thing I loved most about it is the Japanese style seating they have outside. Unfortunately, Mike and I didn’t try it since it was for smokers.