As you guys may or may not know, I’m getting married! The day is set and the ball is rolling. Will you help a girl out and see if any of my pre-loved items interest you?

The price is in the caption. It includes free shipping if you live in Metro Manila. There will be additional shipping costs if you live in the other regions of the Philippines. Sorry!


  1. What is your preferred mode of payment? I prefer if you paid using BPI bank transfers or LBC. Both of which are trusted means of transferring money. It’s safe for you and me!
  2. What courier service will you be using? I always use LBC. It’s a lot more expensive but I trust their service.
  3. How to contact you if any of these items interest me? I have a Contact Me page that you can use. It goes straight to my e-mail and we can converse there.
  4. Are prices negotiable? No, but you can try. šŸ™‚
  5. Do you ship internationally? No, this is only for Philippine residents.

Additional Info’s:

I’m selling these items to help finance my wedding. It’s not going to create a dent in the total wedding budget but it’ll help me with my day to day finances. Plus, I am trying to be a minimalist and by selling these items I am taking a step towards that goal. I have no idea if anyone will buy any of this but it’s worth a shot! šŸ™‚