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A Minimalist Update

Being a minimalist is hard. It’s hard because I am teaching myself new things and basically overhauling what I have grown accustomed to all my life. I have started this journey more than a year ago but looking at where I am now, it doesn’t seem that I have gone far.

Beauty roundup review

I’m pretty much what you call a Korean beauty enthusiast. I love trying new products and recommending all my finds to my friends and family. My favorite to try, however, is skincare. Good skin will always be in! I have here a decent amount of skincare that I’d like to talk about. I have been using these products for quite a while so I can say I have a good feeling about it already. I bought all these products at Althea website. Considered as a cult favorite, I bought this product even if I had no clue what exactly it was. Some say it’s a toner, some say it’s a cleansing water, while some say, it’s an all around product. The picture above shows if it’s used as a cleansing water. It is effective, however, I wouldn’t use it as a cleansing water because of its price. It’s just too expensive to be used as a cleansing water! I use this as a toner. I apply it generously on my face and neck after I cleanse my …

Eyebrow Stencils?

I got these stencils for my eyebrows last Christmas and I haven’t used them at all. I honestly don’t want to use them since I already have a personal preference when it comes to styling my brows but let’s just do it and see what happens!