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KyoChon Round 2 // Eastwood Eats

Inspired by my previous post for Kyochon, Mike and I decided to eat there again. We found out that they have a new addition to their menu, bulgogi! It has other flavors but Mike and I opted for the safe yet yummy Soy Bulgogi. Here comes the really embarrassing part, I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what I ate! I don’t know if it was chicken, soy or beef. (FACE PALM)  It was so good I really didn’t bother asking what it was. I think that’s good though. It was such a hit for me I just finished it. 🙂

Recipe: Chicken with Garlic

Before starting, I’d like to say thank you to my mom who lets me experiment with food. I love how supporting she is in my quest to learn how to cook! Love you ma!  I saw this recipe in NY Times Twitter feed and I knew I had to make it. I just love garlic. Unfortunately though, their recipe was not meant for me. We don’t have a working oven. I had to search Pinterest to find a different version and I played around with that instead. Let’s get down to business!

Reviews: Kyochon // Eastwood Eats

Too many types of chicken, so little time. This is a relatively new restaurant in Eastwood and one of the reasons why I wanted to eat here was because of the K-Pop music videos they played. Heehee. Ambience: This place is a little more upscale than the other restaurants I’ve featured. They actually take your order here! The place looks good, clean and inviting. Their taste for music is also superb. K-Pop for life. 😛

Review: Army Navy // Eastwood Eats

Part three of my Eastwood Eats series is my all time favorite Army Navy. They specialize in burgers and burritos but they also offer an assortment of breakfast meals and also my fave the Fearless Fried Chicken! I won’t even bother with an introduction for this place since I have a bunch of photos to make your mouths water anyway!