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Let’s have coffee

I have a few things I want to get off my chest, please oh please let’s start this coffee date. If we were having coffee, let me share with you that I had this major drama fit with my boyfriend. Long story short, I wanted to go on a date, he wanted to spend time with his friends and then he chose them over me. That, obviously, made me bring out my major guns and just throw a major drama show. I haven’t talked to him since Tuesday morning. He hasn’t even been texting me and updating me on where he is now. I AM SO ANNOYED. I know I’m wrong for causing drama but honestly I just really wanted to spend time with him. It disappoints me even further because he didn’t even woo me. 🙁 I just wanted him to woo me. He can go and have fun, I really wasn’t planning on stopping him but I’m disappointed that he didn’t even try to win me over or whatever. Remember, we haven’t talked since …

Let’s have some coffee

Happy Sunday everyone. I have to confess two things. First, I’m doing this on a Saturday on my work e-mail drafts since I’m on mid shift today. Second, I really missed blogging and writing down my random thoughts and tips. I feel like I have a lot to tell you, so why don’t you get that cup of coffee and sit comfortably next to me.  * * * * * If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’m feeling dizzy. Unfortunately, my vertigo is acting up again and it’s messing with me big time. I already took my medicine but it takes a couple days before the dizzy spells end completely. Any sudden movements make my world spin. I hate it. 🙁