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Review: Buddy’s Pancit Lucban Eastwood

First let me tell you that Pancit Lucban is a Quezon province specialty. I have tasted the real deal before and it was superb. My expectations were high for this especially after hearing great reviews from my friends. Now, let me give you a visual feast that is Buddy’s.   Food wise, to be honest, it wasn’t all that great. ūüôĀ I didn’t like some food that they offered while I craved some others. Another thing I wanted to add was the fact that their menu is overwhelming!! I did not know where to start when I was ordering. I’d like to especially note is¬†how visually amazing their whole restaurant looks like. Design is on point and I love how they incorporated Quezon province’s most famed festival, the Pahiyas Festival. Just look at how nice and colorful the restaurant looks! Adorable, isn’t it? I’d give this restaurant a safe four stars. Their food tastes good but somehow it lacks the certain oomph (?) factor that can potentially set it apart from the rest. It is …

Reviews: Tokyo Bubble Tea // Eastwood Eats

Tokyo Bubble Tea is one of those places I try to avoid because it is expensive. However, Mike and I gave in since I was craving for some Japanese food. Blame it on PMS. Ambience: The whole place is very light and inviting.¬†It has a bright interior filled surrounded by glass. One thing I loved most about it is the Japanese style seating they have outside. Unfortunately, Mike and I didn’t try it since it was for smokers.

KyoChon Round 2 // Eastwood Eats

Inspired by my previous post for Kyochon, Mike and I decided to eat there again. We found out that they¬†have a new addition to their menu, bulgogi! It has other flavors but Mike and I opted for the safe yet yummy¬†Soy Bulgogi.¬†Here comes the really embarrassing part, I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what I ate! I don’t know if it was chicken, soy or beef. (FACE PALM) ¬†It was so good I really didn’t bother asking what it was. I think that’s good though.¬†It was such a hit for me I just finished it. ūüôā

Reviews: Kyochon // Eastwood Eats

Too many types of chicken, so little time. This is a relatively new restaurant in Eastwood and one of the reasons why I wanted to eat here was because of the K-Pop music videos they played. Heehee. Ambience: This place is a little more upscale than the other restaurants I’ve featured. They actually take your order here! The place¬†looks good, clean and inviting. Their taste for music is also superb. K-Pop for life. ūüėõ

Yellowcab’s Craft Pizzas // Eastwood Eats

It was one of those days when Mike and I decided we wanted to eat something heavier than usual. I suggested we eat at Yellowcab. Yellowcab is a fast food chain that offers primarily pizza but they also have pastas, chicken and sides. They certainly sell great pizza and what’s best is they are open 24 hours a day! Perfect for night-shifters like me. Ambience: As usual I forgot to take pictures!!! ūüôĀ Their branch over at Eastwood boasts of an open kitchen and if you are like me, you’ll dislike it since the kitchen smell will stick on your clothes. Food/Drinks: You guys are in luck since they have just recently added five¬†new pizzas to their already amazing line and we ordered one of it. The new additions are:¬†4 Cheese & Tomatoes (P250),¬†Smoked Salmon with Dill (P270),¬†Jalapeno & Pepperoni (P260),¬†Chelsea‚Äôs Artichoke Pizza (P270) and¬†Prosciutto Ham with Boursin Cheese (P270). Mike and I decided to go ahead and try the¬†Prosciutto Ham with Boursin Cheese and ordered an additional Chicken Alfredo for the win! Seriously, the …