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KyoChon Round 2 // Eastwood Eats

Inspired by my previous post for Kyochon, Mike and I decided to eat there again. We found out that they have a new addition to their menu, bulgogi! It has other flavors but Mike and I opted for the safe yet yummy Soy Bulgogi. Here comes the really embarrassing part, I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what I ate! I don’t know if it was chicken, soy or beef. (FACE PALM)  It was so good I really didn’t bother asking what it was. I think that’s good though. It was such a hit for me I just finished it. 🙂

Reviews: Kyochon // Eastwood Eats

Too many types of chicken, so little time. This is a relatively new restaurant in Eastwood and one of the reasons why I wanted to eat here was because of the K-Pop music videos they played. Heehee. Ambience: This place is a little more upscale than the other restaurants I’ve featured. They actually take your order here! The place looks good, clean and inviting. Their taste for music is also superb. K-Pop for life. 😛

Yellowcab’s Craft Pizzas // Eastwood Eats

It was one of those days when Mike and I decided we wanted to eat something heavier than usual. I suggested we eat at Yellowcab. Yellowcab is a fast food chain that offers primarily pizza but they also have pastas, chicken and sides. They certainly sell great pizza and what’s best is they are open 24 hours a day! Perfect for night-shifters like me. Ambience: As usual I forgot to take pictures!!! 🙁 Their branch over at Eastwood boasts of an open kitchen and if you are like me, you’ll dislike it since the kitchen smell will stick on your clothes. Food/Drinks: You guys are in luck since they have just recently added five new pizzas to their already amazing line and we ordered one of it. The new additions are: 4 Cheese & Tomatoes (P250), Smoked Salmon with Dill (P270), Jalapeno & Pepperoni (P260), Chelsea’s Artichoke Pizza (P270) and Prosciutto Ham with Boursin Cheese (P270). Mike and I decided to go ahead and try the Prosciutto Ham with Boursin Cheese and ordered an additional Chicken Alfredo for the win! Seriously, the …