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Let’s have coffee

Hey, guys! How long has it been since our last coffee date? My blog says it’s been more than a month! Looking back at our last coffee date, a lot of things have changed. How time really flies! If we were having coffee, that trip I was talking to you about was a success. I already posted my thoughts on spending eight days alone with my boyfriend and by the looks of it, you guys can just imagine how happy the whole trip was! I am still unsure on how to share with you our pictures because we went to so many places and each place has its own charm. I want to properly share and document the experience but with hundreds of pictures, it’s kind of a daunting task! If we were having coffee, I have to update you on our wedding planning! GUYS IT’S ONLY THREE AND A HALF MONTHS BEFORE THE BIG DAY. I am getting a little stressed because the bridechilla in me went chill and totally forgot about all the …

Awards + more

I got nominated to some awards and if you’ve been following the blog for some time, you’d know I don’t really follow the rules I’m a bad girl. Instead, I just answer the questions. Lame, I know. I just don’t like nominating people cause it feels like I’m only picking a handful from all the amazing blogs I get to read and interact with. 

Let’s have coffee

It’s my first weekend in a while where I actually feel motivated to write a let’s have coffee post. I used to write this weekly update religiously but I stopped cause my life seemed so repetitive and boring. Anyway, today I’m just going to write. I do hope you stay for some coffee.

28 for my 28th

It’s my birthday week! I thought I’d celebrate by answering more personal questions. I’ve handpicked 28 questions (here is the link for the original set) for me to answer today. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my answers for it.