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On writing and blogging

I’ve always enjoyed writing. Whether it’s on my blog or my planner, writing has been a passion of mine all my life. I don’t write the most inspiring things nor do I come up with quote-worthy lines. What I write, however, are honest words. 

Let’s have coffee

If we were having coffee, I’d share with you about the drama I caused in the office LOL. I have this friend, let’s call her A, who copy-pasted an announcement from her boss to me. I then asked my workmates if they knew of this announcement. Among the people who I have shown it to was the boyfriend of the boss. Then all hell broke lose! *insert crazy laugh here* The boss got mad cause she thought her words were being misinterpreted. Apparently, the announcement wasn’t all true. Half of it was false and it was supposed to be a joke with her team. Soooo, basically, A thought the announcement was real and was just being kind and sharing info but unfortunately for her (and me) the boss went crazy* and got mad at A big time. *She began talking behind friend’s A back. Even her boyfriend got pissed at friend A!  Personally I thought she was being egotistical and was just trying to save face. What? It was a very small thing that could’ve …

A Poem About the Future

I used to be afraid of the future I despise not knowing Treading into the unfamiliar Always filled with me with anxiety Life taught me otherwise To embrace the unknown And welcome it with it open arms Even if it’s filled with uncertainties Every day I wake up scared of what’s to come But I say a little prayer and hope for the best I have come to realize, it is not I who holds the wheel It is You, oh Lord, who has the master plan I surrender my life, my future And believe in Your intentions My faith will save me From the future that is yet to come

A Poem About Mountains

In the mountains there is silence In the mountains there is beauty In the mountains there is courage In the mountains there are challenges In the mountains there are fears In the mountains there are stories  In the mountains I saw myself In the mountains I saw my worth In the mountains I saw my true capability In the mountains you will be challenged In the mountains you will gain strength In the mountains you will find peace between nature and yourself